Talent Attraction Services

Attracting, retaining, and engaging the best talent.

Employer Branding Services

In today’s economic climate, attracting top talent is more competitive than ever. With unemployment rates at a record low – and in some fields more job openings than qualified candidates – a recruitment strategy is critical.

At CVPeople Tanzania, our Talent Acquisition experts can help amplify your brand. Craft a compelling brand story that can generate leads, and build relationships with a diverse talent pool. And keep employees excited and invested in their careers every step of the way.

CVPT Employer Branding Services

We help identify what makes your company unique and shapes those qualities into a cohesive story that employees, candidates, and stakeholders want to be a part of. Once you have an effective strategy, you can apply it to all your existing recruitment marketing channels and quickly see the impact.

Did you know that?

75% of candidates research companies' reviews before applying for a job opening.

86% of workers won't work for a company with a bad or non-existent employer brand

Companies with strong employer brand see 50% more qualified applicants and take 1-2x faster to hire.