Talent Acquisition Services

Executive Search

Our executive search team helps clients identify and develop future-ready leaders who share the values of an organization and move the business forward.

Clients come to us seeking the best talent for their business needs. Just as importantly, candidates come to us seeking the best position for them. Using discretion and professional Search and Recruitment processes we assist both clients and candidates meet their shared needs – the best person for the right position.

We perform thorough identification, assessment and selection of talented Executives using our extensive national, regional and international networks to benefit our clients.

We listen to the aspirations of our candidates to ensure they are inspired by the roles we select them for.

By working exclusively and collaboratively with clients to understand the role and the profile of the ideal candidate – not just technical skills and experience but also the personality trait and behaviors needed to be successful we add value; not just for the immediate position but also for the longer term strategic needs of the client and career opportunities of the candidate.

Director Recruitment

A successful board of directors, with the right composition, ensures the company's progress and both supports and challenges the CEO.

With increasing demands on Boards of directors due to increased pressure from investors and stakeholders, higher standards of professionalism and expertise are expected. For more than 8 years, we have worked with clients to ensure that their boards have a perfect balance of diverse skills and experience that match the strategic direction of the company.

Digital Leadership

Digital forces are challenging, transforming and invigorating nearly every business sector. In response, companies are reinventing the way they conduct business and redefining their talent needs. Our team works with clients to understand the ways digital is affecting their businesses and changing leadership requirements.

We help organizations identify and recruit senior leaders and board directors able to develop a clear digital strategy and address the talent, operational and cultural changes that are required to transform their businesses.